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I will update this site periodically with essays on teaching and learning, with pieces of poetry, and with installments of my “almanac” of 2020, This Week, Last Year.


June 14-June 20, 2020

June 15, 2020 I spent my morning split between teaching the online literacy class and working on the chambered wooden surfboard I started a while ago. I am getting used to how learning might best happen in a virtual setting, figuring out what works, trying out some new ideas, seeing how I can achieve myContinue reading “June 14-June 20, 2020”

June 7-June 13, 2020

June 7, 2020 Yesterday, the moon was Kulua, or Kulu, to drop or pass, as time does. Today the moon is one day closer to new and the tides are still swinging from below zero in the morning to almost 2.5 feet in the afternoon. I met M– on the road in front of AcidsContinue reading “June 7-June 13, 2020”

May 30-June 6, 2020

May 31, 2020 The moon was inching past half full and the low tide was just below 0 at about 5:50 this morning. High tide topped out at 1.17 feet at 12:39 p.m. The trades were blowing, moderately, cooling the day. We all went down to Maha Ľulepu, with a stop at Konohiki for musubi andContinue reading “May 30-June 6, 2020”

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