Johnny Lopez Rides in the Trunk

Johnny Lopez Rides in the Trunk
Because we needed Taco Bell but we were 8 people
And we only had one car
Kawikaʻs 1980 Honda Accord
The green one 
With the metallic shimmer, like nail polish
Because we needed Taco Bell and we were hungry after school, None of us having eaten school lunch
And rehearsal loomed over the rest of the afternoon,
And we only had $8 between us all
Because Johnny needed attention, I think,
And because he fit,
He hopped in saying, It’s fine, let’s go
And he ate his 99 cent burrito in there
With the tire iron and the jack, his nickname now,
And we tried to fill ourselves again, 
With edible food like substances,
With memories and laughter, 
With off menu items like green sauce and double rice
Because we were 8 people, in high school
In a small place, with a small car,
But watchful of each other
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