November 15-November 21, 2020

November 15, 2020 The moon was new yesterday. High tide was around 4:40 this morning, topping out at 2.43 feet, extremely high for Kauaʻi. The sand at Wailua Kai has been washed completely under the bridge, effectively bringing the beach all the way to the mauka side of the highway. From the look of theContinue reading “November 15-November 21, 2020”

November 8-November 14, 2020

November 8, 2020 With the election finally called, things feel like they might change, for just a moment. Kamala Harris talked about how little black and brown girls know they can do it and I kept thinking about all the white men that need to fucking learn that lesson. Joe Biden talked about science, andContinue reading “November 8-November 14, 2020”

November 1-November 7, 2020

“And after all the warmth of the summer and the fall…,” November brings a chill to us even here on Kauaʻi. November was the ninth month when the winter still went unnamed. Before that, it was blood month, when people in England butchered their animals and prepared for a lean and nameless winter. Now itContinue reading “November 1-November 7, 2020”