April 11-April 17, 2020

April 11, 2020 We’ve been locked down for almost a month. Today I had to head in to Lihue for a bunch of errands, including supplies to build my chambered wooden surfboard, toilet paper, and some basics from Costco. I also needed to replenish our supply of lemons by visiting the tree near my classroom.Continue reading “April 11-April 17, 2020”

March 14-March 20, 2020

March 15, 2020 I had plans, hatched last week, to meet M– and S– for a surf Sunday morning, before the Kona storm made its way over us, wiping out the rest of the week. Instead we have all spent the past few days adjusting and readjusting to current realities of pandemics while dealing withContinue reading “March 14-March 20, 2020”

March 7-March 13, 2020

March 10, 2020 Today is just past the full moon, the tide is high around 3:30 in the afternoon, over 1.5 feet. The winds lightened up again and the sky stayed clear most of the day. By the time I was leaving school, the mountains had been obscured by those towering grey-black clouds that haveContinue reading “March 7-March 13, 2020”

February 29-March 6, 2020

March was the first month of the old Roman calendar, our first moments of coming spring, not yet the cruelest month, and October marked the end of the year set out for Mars, marching across the way we decided to divide time. March: a borderland, the action of making measured steps, a footprint. What isContinue reading “February 29-March 6, 2020”

February 22-February 28, 2020

February 23, 2020 7:10 am M– needed to surf before dawn today and C– couldn’t head out until after 10:00, so I made my own way down the east side. The wind was light, almost nonexistent, no clouds anywhere. Waiʻaleʻale was crystal clear looming over us all, the morning sun lighting up each of itsContinue reading “February 22-February 28, 2020”

February 15-February 21, 2020

February 16, 2020 I planned to meet M– at Mahaʻulepu this morning, at 8:00. High tide was a few minutes before midnight last night and low tide bottomed out just below 0 feet around 1:30 this afternoon. The moon is disappearing again, passed half, on its way to new. I didn’t even see it today.Continue reading “February 15-February 21, 2020”

February 8-February 14, 2020

February 8, 2020 S– decided to stay on the east side and M– was putting shingles on the roof of his rapidly emerging ʻohana unit so I headed to Mahaʻulepu by myself. I made it to my spot under the trees by 10:45, very near the bottom of todayʻs low tide, which was an evenContinue reading “February 8-February 14, 2020”

February 1-February 7, 2020

*** When the Romans’ year was divided into 10, the winter existed of course but was blank, an unmarked span of time, too dark to think about, too cold to see on a calendar. This time of the year was just blank space, outside their doors, in the fields, on the calendars, time to beContinue reading “February 1-February 7, 2020”

January 29-January 31, 2020

January 30 2020 The crescent moon has been waxing all week, hanging low in the dusky sky, Venus shining brightly just below it. The second low tide today was shortly before 2:00 p.m. and bottomed out at .18 ft. We didn’t make it into the water until 3:00, riding the waves as we rode theContinue reading “January 29-January 31, 2020”